About us

We believe the world’s accident and injury problem will be solved by technology


The relevant question, is how.

In our view, it is inevitable that technology will fix the worldwide accident and injury rate. We want to make sure this change happens as soon as possible.

How do we do our part?
By storing and intelligently interrogating an extremely large database of historical accident and hazard information, and millions of real-time hazard locations, we can give your people actionable warnings.

Delivered on a simple visual interface that tracks the user’s location, and their awareness of the risks they face, ThunderMaps is built to actually improve user safety.

We believe there is a bottom-up & data-led solution that needs to be built, in order to help solve the world’s accident and injury problem. So that’s what we’re doing.

Our customers want the best safety technology available. They want to show their people the highest possible duty of care. They know that keeping their team safe results in a happier workplace, and productivity increases too.

We do not sell compliance software. Ticking more health & safety boxes, just isn’t that useful for the world. Everything we do is focused on actually improving the safety of the users we serve – integrating with existing OSHA systems.

ThunderMaps Core Team

  • Mike Steere
    Managing Director EU

  • Rahul Govindan
    Group CEO

  • Shanshan Zhou
    Director of Design

  • Chris Noldus
    Director of Development

  • Alitia St Pierre
    Director of Client Success

  • Clint Van Marrewijk
    Managing Director

  • Rafael dos Santos
    Senior Developer

  • Yang Guo
    Software Developer

  • Olivia Sheat
    Customer Success

  • Kat Cooper
    Office Manager

  • Daniel Gibbs
    Mysterious Developer

  • Dan Rowling
    Business Development

  • Shannon Smith
    Marketing Manager

  • Dylan Chong
    Junior Developer

  • Nicky Maaka
    SME Sales Manager

  • Simon Jansen
    Senior Tester

Board and Advisors

  • Clint Van Marrewijk
    Managing Director Asia Pacific

    Clint is our founder and managing director. He leads our product vision and our sales efforts. Clint is an ex-mechanical engineer and farmer, who somehow ended-up building software for a living. Nowadays he’s also a keen squash player, of mediocre ability.

  • Mike Steere
    Managing Director Europe

    Co-founder of the business, Mike leads ThunderMaps in Europe. Mike is based in Sweden and spends his days on all aspects of operations. He led a successful €1m+ EC project. His background is in marketing, communications and journalism.

  • Rahul Govindan
    Group CEO

    Over 16 years, Rahul has worked with leaders and decision makers in organisations who are faced with a problem, a challenge or an opportunity to allow the organisation to make key strategic decisions with confidence.

  • John-Daniel Trask
    Board Director

    John-Daniel Trask has joined as director to help strategically shape and guide the company during this period of rapid growth. JD is a familiar and influential face in New Zealand high-tech industry. Co-founder of Mindscape in 2007, the business has successfully grown, with customers in over 100 countries.

  • Nicholas Adamo

    Nicholas is a thought leader and senior business executive with over 20 years’ experience. He excels at strategic thinking, innovation, building and mentoring teams, improving organisational culture and business operation/execution – particularly in the Data Analytics and Digital world.

  • Bianca Mueller

    Bianca advises ThunderMaps on international legal contracts, and she is is also a successful business person in her own right. Bianca specialises in Europe to Australasia legal advice, for innovative businesses, with a focus on commercial and international contracts relating to information technology.

Learn how technology can keep your people aware of danger

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